13 septiembre 2007

Ingles a la española

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Publican en la web de yoriento una lista divertidisima de la forma en que los españoles hablamos inglés.

También podeis ver cosas parecidas en varias páginas geniales: aqui, y aqui

¿Cuales os gustan más?

(Entre PARÉNTESIS, para algunas frases figuran también las traducciones apropiadas)

1. Speaking in silver > Hablando en plata
2. From lost to the river > De perdidos al río
3. For if the flies > Por si las moscas > (Just in case)
4. By the face > Por la cara > (Free)
5. Are you staying with me? > Te estás quedando conmigo?
6. The mother who gave birth to you! > ¡La madre que te parió!
7. Your pan has gone > Se te ha ido la olla
8. It is that you shit yourself > Está que te cagas
9. Everywhere they boil beans > En todas partes cuecen habas
10. Compound and without girlfriend > Compuesto y sin novia
11. To go out by legs > Salir por piernas
12. If I have seen you I don’t remember > Si te he visto no me acuerdo
13. Switch off and let’s go > Apaga y vámonos
14. It is not turkey’s mucus/snot > No es moco de pavo
15. That if you want rice, Katelyn > Que si quieres arroz Catalina
16. Shit yourself little parrot > Cágate lorito
17. Another who such dances > Otro que tal baila
18. To another thing butterfly > A otra cosa mariposa
19. Among whistles and flutes > Entre pitos y flautas
20. Like water of May > Como agua de Mayo
21. To fuck the female pig > Joder la marrana
22. Marking parcel > Marcando paquete
23. To put in a cigar > Meter un puro
24. My enjoy in a well > Mi gozo en un pozo
25. Beach-sissy > Marica playa
26. It is finished what it was given > Se acabó lo que se daba
27. To go yourself by the hills of Ubeda > Irse por los cerros de Ubeda
28. You see less than Joe Milks > Ves menos que Pepe Leches
29. You don’t see three on a donkey > No ves tres en un burro
30. See you later, Luke > Hasta luego Lucas
31. What brown! > ¡Qué marrón!
32. The gold that the moorish shitted > El oro que cagó el moro
33. I haven’t got neither whore idea > No tengo ni puta idea (I have no fucking idea)
34. They haven’t got neither hooker idea > Ellos no tienen ni puta idea (They don’t get their shit together)
35. What a doggish life > Que vida tan perra
36. You shitted it, Burt Lancaster > La cagaste Burt Lancaster
37. You roll yourself like a window blind > Te enrollas como una persiana
38. Go away to fry asparagus > Vete a freir esparragos
39. Send eggs! > Manda huevos!
40. I can’t with my soul > No puedo con mi alma
41. Super of the Paraguay > Guay del Paraguay
42. You don’t give foot with ball > No das pie con bola
43. Sissy the last! > Marica el último!
44. I don’t paint anything here > Yo aquí no pinto nada
45. To cost an eye of the face > Costar un ojo de la cara (To cost an arm and a leg, to cost the earth)
46. To cost an egg, and part of the other > Costar un huevo y parte del otro
47. We were few and the grandmother gave birth > Eramos pocos y parió la abuela
48. You leaved us planted > Nos dejaste plantados (You leaved us in the lurch)
49. To do the fat sight > Hacer la vista gorda
50. With hairs and signals > Con pelos y señales (Chapter and verse)
51. The oven is not for buns > No está el horno para bollos
52. To throw the house through the window > Tirar la casa por la ventana (To push the boat out, to go over the top, to spare no expense)
53. He misses a screw > Le falta un tornillo
54. That guy doesn’t have two fingers of forehead > Ese tipo no tiene dos dedos de frente
55. To go throwing > Ir tirando > To shuffle/muddle along
56. To throw stones over your own roof > Tirar piedras sobre tu propio tejado (To cut the branch you sit on)
57. To get into an eggplant bed > Meterse en un berenjenal (To get into trouble/a mess)
58. To jump into the sight > Saltar a la vista (To be patently clear)
59. Seen and not seen > Visto y no visto (Flash in the pan)
60. Like Peter by his house > Como Pedro por su casa (As if he owned the place)
61. Start the house by the roof > Empezar la casa por el tejado (To be like the tail wagging the dog, To put the cart before the horse)
62. Not to have hairs in the tongue > No tener pelos en la lengua (Not mince words)
63. Saved by the hairs > Salvado por los pelos (Saved by the bell)
64. To have feather > Tener pluma
65. To be from the opposite sidewalk > Ser de la acera de enfrente
66. They pull more, two tits than two carts > Tiran más dos tetas que dos carretas
67. You’re taking my hair > Me estás tomando el pelo (You’re pulling my leg)
68. To find a job by plug > Encontrar trabajo por enchufe (I have used my pull to find a job)
69. To have the grace in the ass > Tener la gracia en el culo
70. To read from cape to tail > Leer de cabo a rabo > To read from cover to cover
72. In one please > En un plis
73. You have one snout that you tread on it > Tienes un morro que te lo pisas
74. You have to throw snout to it > Tienes que echarle morro
75. To the done, chest > A lo hecho, pecho (You have to weather the storm)
76. To be one mouths > Ser un bocas
77. We’re yet again with if the grandmother smokes > Ya estamos otra vez con que si la abuela fuma
78. Of whore mother > De puta madre (Fucking great)
79. Don’t cut yourself! > No te cortes!
80. To throw by the middle street > Tirar por la calle de en medio
81. To enter to sack > Entrar a saco
83. To go away shitting milks > Irse cagando leches
84. To know of memory > Saber de memoria (To know by heart)
85. To be a green old > Ser un viejo verde (To be an old dirty man)
86. Give a lesson > Dar una lección, un escarmiento (Teach a lesson)
87. Face or cross > Cara o cruz (Heads or tails)
88. Withoutshame > Sinvergüenza (Shameless/cad/blackguard)
89. Morningsinger > Cantamañanas
90. Chuletas de examen > Chops of exam (Cheat sheet)
91. At the hour of truth > A la hora de la verdad >(When push comes to shove)
92. Pay to neckline > Pagar a escote (To go dutch)
93. The one who sings, his maladies/troubles frightens > Quien canta sus males espanta
94. Nothing to see with something > Nada que ver con algo (Nothing to do with something)
95. To do the goose > Hacer el ganso (To goof off)
96. Think in high voice > Pensar en voz alta (Think out loud)
97. Give by seated > Dar por sentado (Take for granted)
98. Look at something with magnifying glass > Mirar con lupa algo (Go over something with a fine tooth comb)
99. To probe the terrain > Tantear el terreno (To put out feelers)
100. To know something like the palm of my hand > Conocer algo como la palma de mi mano (To know something like the back of my hand)
101. With the tail between the legs > Con el rabo entre las piernas (With the tail between the legs)


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  1. este cosa si me interesa mucho

    Comentario por maynard — 8 noviembre 2007 @ 4:13 am

  2. You are uglier than hitting a father on his birthday with an used sock

    Comentario por Alvari — 2 diciembre 2008 @ 12:09 am

  3. Eres más feo que pegarle a un padre el día de su cumpleaños con un calcetín usado

    Comentario por Alvari — 2 diciembre 2008 @ 12:11 am

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  5. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely fantastic.
    I actually like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is actually a wonderful site.

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